Cement kiln Roller Station
Cement kiln Roller Station
Cement kiln Roller Station
Cement kiln Roller Station
Cement kiln Roller Station
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1.Cast Steel Roller Station 
As an important part of rotary kiln equipment, the Roller Station device bears all the weight of the rotary part (including cylinder, material, feed plate, wheel belt, girth gear, etc.) and positioning the cylinder in the radial direction. Because the Roller Station device of rotary kiln has the characteristics of heavy load, poor working environment, continuous operation, time-consuming and labor-consuming maintenance, etc. Characteristic, therefore, the quality of Roller Station is very important. The Roller Station device consists of a pair of Roller Stations, four pairs of bearings and a large base. The selection of Roller Station device is very important. The good Roller Station used by rotary kiln manufacturers can prevent users from having too many problems in the operation process.
2.Ductile iron Roller Station
Heavy section ductile iron has excellent comprehensive mechanical properties and low cost. It is often used to manufacture large and important parts in mining, metallurgy, building materials, energy and other heavy machinery industries. Using ductile iron castings instead of steel castings can effectively reduce production costs, shorten production cycle and produce obvious economic benefits. 
Cement kiln Roller Station casting is a very important part of mining equipment. Its weight accounts for a large proportion of the whole equipment. Its performance directly affects the use of the whole equipment. QT700-2 ductile iron wheel has high hardness, good wear resistance, good lubrication and shock absorption effect, which can save energy and reduce consumption, directly reduce production costs and increase overall benefits. 
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