Ball Mill Liner/Rod Mill Liner
Ball Mill Liner/Rod Mill Liner
Ball Mill Liner/Rod Mill Liner
Ball Mill Liner/Rod Mill Liner
Ball Mill Liner/Rod Mill Liner
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HENGIN'S CrMo alloy and high chromium cast iron ball mill,rod mill liners have undergone continuous design improvements, optimized manufacturing processes, and improved mechanical properties. So as to maximize the service life of the ball mill.Our Φ2-Φ7.9m OEM CITIC, NHI Ball Mill Liners and Rod Mill Liners are used in the first and second stage ball mills in iron ore, copper ore, molybdenum ore, gold ore, phosphate ore and other fields.
■ Ball Mill/ Rod Mill Liner Design
According to the parameters of grinding mineral, such as feed particle size, mineral hardness and processing capacity, the paper designs the waveform structure and waveform quantity of the liners, and verifies them with DEM software, so that the design parameters of the liner structure are more accurate.
■ Material 
◆ CrMo alloy steel-A C:0.80~0.90%,Mn:0.55~1.0,Si:0.40-0.60,Cr:1.90-2.50%,Mo:0.25-0.40%,S≤0.04,P≤0.04;
◆ CrMo alloy steel-B C:0.60~0.75%,Mn:0.55~1.0,Si:0.30-0.50,Cr:1.55-1.95%,Mo:0.25-0.45%,S≤0.04,P≤0.04;
◆ High Chromium Cast Iron C:2.5~2.9%,Mn:0.5~1.0%,Si≤1.0%,S≤0.03%,P≤0.04%,Cr:15.0~17.0%,Mo:0.5~3.0%,Ni:0.1~0.5%,Cu:0.25~1.0%,Ti:≤0.033%,V:0.01~0.5%.

■ Microstructure and Mechanical Properties
◆Microstructure:Pearlite, Tempered Sorbite, Martensite.
◆Mechanical properties (sample test)
◆Pearlite: HB325-370, σB≥850MPa, σS≥1000MPa, AK≥30J;Martensite: HRC50-55.
■ HENGIN Ball Mill Liner Casting Technology
Using experience parameters and ProCAST aided design of precision casting parameters.
◆Model: Wood model.
◆Casting molding:Phenolic resin sand molding ensures that the lining board surface is smooth and the size is accurate.
◆Molten steel smelting
Medium frequency electric furnace smelting molten steel, refining outside the furnace.
■ Heat Treatment
Normalizing + Tempering.

1Casting Process Design 2Mill Liner Casting 3Heat Treatment 4Φ5.5×8.5m Ball Mill Liner 5Φ7.9×13.6m Ball Mill Liner
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