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High Pressure Roller Mill Description
1.Technical advantage of high pressure roller mill
1.1 Our company relies on Luoyang Institute of Mining Machinery and National Heavy Mining Machinery Laboratory to make technological innovation and product development and design, and provide professional technical advisory services and on-site solutions.
Laboratory equipped with industrial test high-pressure mill to meet customer's sample crushing test.

 1.2. Design and calculation based on test data: 
Determine the working parameters of the equipment (pressure, speed, etc.);
The crushing index (unit energy consumption, particle size distribution) and capacity were determined.
According to the specifications of roll mill and recommended technological process

2. Performance advantage of high pressure roller mill
2.1Saving power consumption:

 Ultrafine crushing technology of high-pressure roller mill replaces traditional crushing-grinding technology,and the total power consumption is reduced by more than 50%.
2.2Reduction of steel consumption: 
Ultrafine crushing process of high-pressure roller mill replaces traditional crushing-grinding process, and total steel consumption is reduced by more than 40%.
2.3Big crushing ratio: 
Big crushing ratio, can crush iron ore less than 60 mm to less than 3 mm.
2.4Large capacity:
single processing capacity of high-pressure roller mill meets from 50t/h to 3600t/h.
2.5Roll surface wear resistance:
high hardness, strong wear resistance, easy maintenance, service life up to 20000h.
2.6 Reduce investment outlay:
save civil engineering  investment, small area, short construction cycle, non-standard parts production and installation costs reduced by a big margin.
2.7Easy maintenance :
Roll surface wear can be replaced on site, online maintenance, operation easy and fast .
Environmental protection and high efficiency: low noise, less dust pollution, roller running smoothly , operating rate of more than 95%.  

2.8 Flexible configuration:
process system configuration is flexible and adaptable.
2.9Wide application: 
High-pressure roller mill based on material bed grinding principle is an ideal equipment to realize energy saving and consumption reduction. It is conducive to the development of large-scale, high efficiency, energy saving and automation of mineral processing technology, and will become a new comer in the field of ore grinding machinery.
3. Main characteristics of high pressure roller mill
3.1In-situ wear-resistant protection technology, roll surface in the process of convenient use to form in-situ wear-resistant protection layer.
Compressive strength (≥2000MPa), one-time service life of more than 2000 hours, online maintenance, simple operation, short time, low cost, roll sleeve can be replaced.
3.2Aviation hydraulic technology is adopted. The series is stable and reliable. It can realize overload control of main motor, gap deviation control of two rollers and self-correction of deviation.
Based on the principle of distributed fuzzy control, a special automatic control system for supporting components of world famous suppliers is integrated.
It realizes automatic, local or remote control, simple, reliable and stable.
The professional three-dimensional dynamic design software is used to optimize the overall design, and the finite element analysis of each key component is carried out. The whole structure has good reliability and stability.

4.Characteristics of grinding minerals
4.1Ultrafine crushing of ores

Compared with the traditional process, it can greatly save power and steel consumption, has a large crushing ratio, a large single processing capacity, a wider product size distribution, more fine powder, effectively improve the recovery rate of extremely poor iron ore and the dynamic rate of iron crude powder quality, low operation cost, and significantly reduce production costs.
4.2Pellet feeding fine grinding
Compared with the damp mill, the unit power consumption is greatly reduced, the specific surface area of iron concentrate powder is greatly increased, the fineness and pelletizing quality of iron concentrate powder are effectively improved, the production capacity is significantly improved, the operation cost is low, and the production cost is obviously reduced.
4.3The technology of metal ore dissociation from selective comminution bed grinding  is beneficial to the separation of target minerals before gravity separation or flotation by attempting to extrude lean ores, greatly improving recovery and promoting leaching solution entry and mineral dissociation.