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HENGIN'S Experts Visit to Sino Iron Mine in Australia


Recently, our company visited Sino Iron Mine. The project is jointly invested and developed by CITIC Pacific and MCC group. It is located in the northwest of Australia and the east coast of the Indian Ocean. It is about 1200 km (straight-line distance) from Perth, the capital of Western Australia in the south. Its nearest town, Karratha, is located in the northeast of the iron mine, about 100 km away. The mining area developed by Sino Iron ore project is George Palmer in the middle of Balmoral mining area, with a total recoverable iron ore reserves of about 2 billion tons. Open pit mining is adopted in the development of iron ore in the mining area. All the iron ore mined is used to produce iron concentrate and pellets. The scale of the main project is: the output of iron ore in the mining area is 84 million tons / year; the annual output of iron concentrate in the concentrator is 24 million tons / year, including 18 million tons / year; the export of iron concentrate is 6 million tons / year; the iron concentrate is used to produce pellets; the annual output of oxidized pellets in the pellet plant is 6 million tons / year, all of which are sold out.
CITIC Heavy Industry provides six groups of Φ 12.2 × 11m AG mills and Φ 7.9 × 13.6m ball mills for Sino Iron Mine, each of which has a capacity of 22000t / d. our company provides two sets of autogenous mill cylinder liners and one set of ball mill liners for lion iron mine, a total of 1500 tons of Cr-Mo alloy steel liners, as well as rubber end liners, liner bolts and other spare parts. Since the installation in May 2019, the liners have been in stable use without any problems. In case of shutdown due to liners quality problems. We checked the situation of the mine site, communicated with the site personnel and collected the relevant data recorded by them. Then we communicated with Wang Feng, the mine technical director, to understand the demands of Sino. They want to further improve the service life of liners, and require hengin to continue technical improvement and technological advantages to achieve better results.