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Reasons for choosing HENGIN

1.Advantages of our mill Reducer
1.1. Mainly used in CITIC-HIC, HCRDI, NCDRI, TCDRI, CDI, SINOMA and other brands of iron ore, copper, gold, molybdenum ore and other non-ferrous metal mine self-grinding machine, semi-self-grinding machine, ball mill and cement mill, cement rotary kiln and other equipment.
1.2. JD Series, JS Series, MQ Series, ZZF Series are in strict accordance with the specifications, models, performance requirements, parameters and components of the original reducer.
1.3. The product price is lower and the delivery cycle is shorter.
1.4. The product has a well-trained service system before and after sale.

2.Our Vertical Cement Mill Reducer
2.1. Brand and Model: CITIC-HIC: MZL300/MZL500/MZL370
2.2.NGC: MLX280/MLX90/MLX200/MLX450/MLXSD250/MLXSD330/MLXSD560
2.3CQ.Geabox: JXL150/JXL180/JXL220 /JLP400/JLP450/JLP500

3.We can provide reducers for the following brands of cement vertical mill equipment
4.Advantages of our vertical mill reducer
4.1Design, manufacture, inspection and service in accordance with JC/T 878.4-2001 international standards;
4.2P/N2 range (kw/rpm): 37.8-234.3, vertical static load: 2400-10500 KB
4.3 Depending on the professional gear manufacturing system, it has a shorter manufacturing cycle.
4.4On the premise of guaranteeing product quality, the lower price advantage;
4.5Complete service system, including pre-sale and after-sale services.