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Reasons for choosing HENGIN
1. Inverse Segregation Process of Casting in Large Ingot Smelting. Combined with the experience of anatomical analysis of ingot riser and the results of simulation analysis of large ingot solidification

2. In addition to LF and VOD refining accidents, vacuum carbon deoxidation is needed to improve the purity of molten steel.

3. Forging adopts two upsetting + WHF method, and then forging. The WHF method, also known as the wide anvil pressure method, is conducive to the central compaction of forgings.

4. High temperature normalizing and tempering are used in heat treatment to obtain fine grain structure, eliminate stress and meet the requirement of ultrasonic flaw detection for forgings.

5. We can provide crusher spindles with net weight of 120 t to meet the requirements of various brands and models of crushers.

6. Our crusher spindle manufacturing cycle is about 120 days.