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The technical characteristics of large cement mill developed and designed by CITIC-HIC plant are as follows:
▲ The transmission forms adopted by the drum mill are edge transmission, center transmission, multi-point meshing edge transmission, etc.; the driving forms are asynchronous motor + reducer + pinion + girth gear and synchronous motor + air clutch + pinion + girth gear;
▲ generally, the support mode of static and dynamic pressure bearing at both ends is adopted, and the completely closed self-aligning 1200 line contact 'rocker type' bearing is adopted, and the support mode of static and dynamic pressure of single slide shoe or double slide shoe or full static pressure support is also adopted;
▲ The large open gear is designed by the US AGMA standard, equipped with a reliable and reliable gear cover and an automatic glycerol spray lubrication device.
The cylinder is the key part of the mill. The finite element analysis is carried out by computer to ensure the reliability of its use;
▲ The large and medium-sized mills are equipped with slow driving devices;
▲ Large and medium mills are equipped with high and low pressure lubrication stations;
The control and protection system is controlled by PLC.
2.Main models and parameters of CITIC HIC cement mill
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